Thank You

Thank You

1 December 2011

Sept - Nov 2011

Early in November I was invited to participate in a "workshop" for local NGO's and faith based organisations that provide medical, social or counselling services. This was organised in the hope of exposing the various organisations to each other and providing the platform for further relationships.
It was fantastic to meet the various faithful and committed people who are providing a vital service to the Helderberg Basin. 
Michael continues to make himself available, in spite of the various changes in Breach, by visiting with Xhosa patients that I have identified with particular needs. I am grateful for his servant-hood and passion in serving the community. One such story is told by Mike in the blog "Mike's Note."

On the wedding front, I continue to be busy. It is always a wonderful opportunity to offer a Christian service to the couple, their families and guests. Come the end of the year I would have conducted around 12 weddings. I continue to thank God for this privilege. 

HH and ER Hospital continue to keep me busy. Since my last posting in July, I have seen over 300 patients. Outside of the hospital walls, my ministry has led me to minister to:
    * A family that tragically lost their father in a motorbike accident.
    * Support to one of HH workers whose house burnt down.
    * Trauma support to a older woman whose retired husband successfully committed suicide.  
    * Support to a family whose father sudden died in the early hours of the morning.   
    * A cot-death that claimed the life of a 3 month old baby boy.  

In all the ministry that I carry out, I continue to thank the Lord for his guidance and wisdom in helping the brokenhearted put the pieces back together. 

2012 Calendars (R80) and Sermon Notebooks (R50) are available for anyone that would like to purchase one. Excellent gifts for Christmas! All funds go towards the sustainability of Sinekamva.  To place an order, please contact me 083 292 2489 or email  Below are some of the photo's used in the calendar.

May you all have a safe and festive season. 
Thank you and God's richest blessings to you all.