Thank You

Thank You

30 June 2015

June 2015

As the photo's show, the Sinekamva Care-Centre (SCC)is making progress (albeit a slow progress!). There have been so many people who have supported this project - from welding clothing racks, donating furniture and signage, providing security for the Centre. Many have supported financially and prayerfully. Others have invested their interest in the project and many have donated clothing and necessities to stock the Care-Centre. I look forward to the opening of the Care-Centre in the next few weeks (keep watching this space). 

Each item of clothing in the SCC will have a Khathalela clothing tag attached to it. I chose the name Khathalela, meaning "we care," as that is the essence of the SCC. Creating a platform of clothing tags, adds that element of dignity and professionalism to the Care-Centre.  
Through Sinekamva's Kangaroo Mothercare Project (KMC) the following items have been handed over to the Maternity Ward: 2x Jersey's, 28x Beanies, 29x Booties, 7x Teddy Bears, 3x Blankets. This project remains a blessing to the mothers of premies been born at HH. 

I had the privilege of been a facilitator at this years Hospice Palliative Caregivers Course. Addressing the spiritual needs of hospice patients and their caregivers is always an important aspect of healthcare. A great piece of media to consider is the interview with Morrie Schwartz ( A refreshing way to look at death and dying!

Earlier in the year, I directed the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program. The four participants represented Cameroon, Zambia and RSA. This was the first program to run in the Helderberg Basin (normally the program is run at Groote Schuur Hospital) and we are very excited for the future of more local CPE programs. Each program is either a 4 week or 11 week module. This is an excellent program for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their ministry and pastoral care.  
With all that's been going on, Sinekamva continues to provide emotional and spiritual support within the wards of HH. We are very blessed to have Charlie Klein helping with counselling on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. The biggest challenge still remains the social dynamics of patient care. Many of their issues are a direct result of trying social circumstances. God remains our guide as we listen, talk and guide each patient through their challenges.

Thank you for your partnership!