Thank You

Thank You

8 July 2011


Welcome to Sinekamva’s first blog. I hope that you will find this more informative and interactive then the emailed newsletters. The idea behind the blog is to keep you all updated with Sinekamva Chaplaincy Services on a more regular basis. 

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Those of you who live around the Helderberg Basin would be aware of last month’s tragic motor vehicle accident that claimed the lives of two people - an 18yr old and one adult (ArticleArticle). I was called out 3am to attend to the two surviving patients that were admitted to hospital. Although sustaining no serious injuries, the two young adults were in a state of shock to have witnessed the death of their mother at the scene. Understandably the father was devastated to have lost his wife, yet he did his best to remain strong and composed for his girls. Tragically the 18yr friend lost her life shortly after arriving at hospital. Nothing that I could say would change the fact that two people lost their lives. In such circumstances the image of ambassador (2 Corinthians 5:20) is perhaps the only comfort that I could offer - God’s representative to the medical world. Through mere presence, I was able to serve as a witness and a presence of God's love, concern and hope and to let them feel that they are not alone in their suffering. Vanzant (2009:30) terms this as the ministry of presence where he elicits that one can do a world of good without saying a word.