Thank You

Thank You

19 July 2011

An Amazing Ending

This is one of the most amazing, needless to say miraculous stories that I have been part of.
This account is of 29yr Mandisa.* Her journey began eight weeks ago when she was admitted to hospital. Being immunocompromised, Mandisa’s condition deteriorated so much so that it was decided by her physician that intubatation was necessary to save her life. As time progressed Mandisa’s condition did not improve, and it seemed that death would be the most likely result.

My association with Mandisa took place a few days into her hospitalisation while in the High Care Unit. It was at this time that the medical staff began speculating that her condition was irreversible and that perhaps Mandisa’s family should be called. I remember standing by her bedside, telling her who I was and that I would like to pray for her. Similar occurrences took place over the next few days. Through the determination and diligence of the medical staff, allowed for Mandisa’s condition to slowly improve. Mandisa’s resilient attitude to see her children brought about a positive turn in her condition, to where she was slowly weaned off the ventilator after spending more than 20 days on the vent. Through much physiotherapy, Mandisa was able to sit in a chair unaided and began to take her first few steps.

Whenever I visit with Mandisa, she gives me the thumbs up and says only to the glory of God. Although not many stories like Mandisa are evident in hospital, it is through such stories that reveal God’s working hand in the lives of His people.   

*Not her real name.
Used by permission - patient and physician.