Thank You

Thank You

16 September 2013

Sept 2013

As Sinekamva nears the end of it's 6th year (105 days till 2014!), God continues to bless my hospital chaplain ministry.

I had the opportunity to facilitate a training programme at Helderberg Hospice based on "The importance of Spiritual needs within a Medical Setting." The Why, What and How of healthcare spirituality were addressed and the following topics were discussed: The Church and Hospital Care, Why Spirituality is Important in Healthcare?, Definition of Spirituality & Religion, Dynamics of Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Pain, Grief Cycle & Unmet Spiritual Need Cycle, Five essential functions of Spirituality, Spiritual Measurement Tools, The Goals Of Spiritual Assessments, Signs of Spiritual Pain/Suffering, Visual Cues Indicating Possible Religious or Spiritual Beliefs and Practices, Spiritual Care at the Time of Death, and How To Effectively Use Spiritual Resources. 
This was a wonderful opportunity to expose the real and valid need of spiritual care for patients. The 25 volunteers were enlightened with valuable information in that patients are more than just an illness in a physical and emotional body, but that their spiritual narrative plays an important role in holistic care.
            Cape Town Baptist Seminary is looking to expand their psychology curriculum, to a more focused pastoral care curriculum. As I have been assisting them with lectures, this further opens the door for exposing the real need of pastoral care as a speciality. It has been my experience that newly graduated pastors receive a “crash-course” in pastoral care; however, anyone who is part of a church would know that competent pastoral care is vitally important for any church. This is exciting for both the Seminary and for myself.
The Teddy bear/wool drive
          The Teddy bear/wool drive has been a real success. As to date the following items have been handed out: Peadiatric Ward (10 Teddy Bears, 3 Blankets, 15 Jerseys, and 20 Beanies), KMC Ward (17 Beanie and Bootie sets, 9 Jerseys, 11 Beanies and 17 Booties.) Thank you to those who contributed to the wool drive. It has been wonderful to have the Parel Vallei High School students, who on a weekly basis, have given up their time to hand out the goodies to the children. If you would like to contribute teddies, jerseys or beanies, please drop them off at Somerset West Baptist Church, or alternatively contact me.

A Pastoral Walk
          I was asked to provide counsel and pastoral support to a gentleman who had been newly diagnosed with cancer with a very bleak prognosis. He had come down from JHB to visit his children, when he took ill and it was then that he was diagnosed. He was very successful in his work and was highly involved in the reconciliation aspects of our country. As we got to know each other, opportunities of life-reflection became evident in his life.  Over the following few weeks, the time that we spent together, was enriching as I helped him explore the relational side of his faith with Christ. A barrier of regret was still apparent in his life, and being a divorced man we felt that he needed to make peace with his ex-wife and his children regarding this. I encouraged him to speak the truth and seek forgiveness for his wrong-doings. This brought a lot of peace to his soul. The full pastoral cycle was experienced when the family asked me to conduct his memorial service. Although he passed on, I trust that the Lord will honour our conversations and that he is resting in God's loving arms. This reminded me of the importance of reconciliation with loved ones and how vital it is to die in Christ's peace.         

As I continue my walk though the chapters, I have begun to realise that non-fatal medication overdose is a grave issue facing the Basin. I am currently designing a holistic assessment tool that would incorporate the psychsocial-spiritual aspects of the patient. This will not only be important for my pastoral care, but the assessment will provide an holistic picture of the patient for the medical team. If you feel that you would like to financially contribute towards the PhD fees, please take note of Sinekamva's bank details and reference the donation as PHD.  

I thought you might appreciate these real doctor’s comments from hospital forms:

1. I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy.2. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.3. On the second day the knee was better, and on the third day it disappeared.4. The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears to be depressed.5. The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993.