Thank You

Thank You

14 May 2013

May 2013


The supervision that I assisted with at Groote Schuur Hospital for 11 weeks went really well. Although it was an adjustment in having to leave earlier than normal (05:40), it was an enriching time with the students. In all 9 students participated in the program, 3 from Lesotho, 1 JBH, 2 CPT and 3 DBN. We took them through an intense program of personal development within the ministry. Half of their time was dedicated to actual practice of ministry, while the other half the participants were involved in interpersonal group work, role play, didactics on the practice of ministry and personal reflections which were written daily and given to their supervisor. As part of their development as ministers, various outings were organised to Doves Funeral home, Maitland Crematorium, CPT Holocaust Museum and CPT Heart Transplant Museum. Workshops also formed part of the program with Katie Sheel presenting the social issue of human trafficking and Reinette Evans on Rape Crisis and how the local church can help survivors. CPE is professional education for ministry as it trains clergy, religious and laity for work in pastoral care  -  in other words it brings them into supervised encounter with persons in crisis. It is planned that I continue co-coordinating the CPE program for either the 11 week unit or 5 week model each year.  For more info visit

I had great response after my presentation at church, with individuals wanting to get involved in Sinekamva (knitting teddy bears, visitations, training and financial support). I am continuously blessed at God’s provision, open doors and His involvement in Sinekamva. It still remains a desire to employ a Xhosa person to help in this amazing and challenging ministry, so please pray with me that God would bless this desire and continue to provide new ways for funding and sponsorship.  

Below is a video testimony of a patient that I ministered to.